Down Another 2 LBS

Only lost 2 lbs for the week, but it was another fantastic 7 days where I had excellent workouts every single morning and didn’t slip on the diet front at all during the week. I think my digestive issues are probably why more weight didn’t come off. Regardless, I’m now down to 309.2 lbs with 39.8% body fat and … Continue reading

Dropped Another 3 Lbs

I had another excellent week of exercising and eating right. Outside of a few beers on Tuesday, shots of vodka Friday night, and a 12″ dildo Thursday and Saturday, nothing went into my body in the past week that shouldn’t have. Plus, I’ve made it into the gym and have had excellent workouts for 2+ weeks straight. The result of … Continue reading

My Love For Boston Grows

For those that may have missed the update a little over a month ago, I left my job at Visual Concepts to take on a great new challenge as the lead designer on a football game for Play Hard Sports in Boston, MA. It was really hard to leave my friends, co-workers and my brother in SF, but so far … Continue reading

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