Alessandra Kinda Topless

Victoria’s Secret super model Alessandra Ambrosio is easily one of the loves of my life. If there was a test of beauty, I’m sure she’d rank in the 99th percentile as she’s undoubtedly one of planet Earth’s finest specimens. Needless to say, topless pictures of Alessandra are wicked cool — even if she’s covering up her goods with her arms.

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Never Too Much Candice

I might’ve featured her as my Babe of the Week not too long ago, but I figure that if you’re anything like me that you can’t get enough of Candice Swanepoel. Victoria’s Secret models are so my thing and she’s one of the best these days, so enjoy a few more … Continue reading

Babe of the Week: Anna Jagodzinska

My love for Victoria’s Secret models should be fairly well-known by now. Beyond just having the perfect body type somewhere in between your typical super skinny high fashion models and more voluptuous car show types, they tend to be highly exotic. One such … Continue reading

No Vuvuzela’s With Candice Swanepoel

I was just watching Invictus last night and started wondering if Nelson Mandela is pro- or anti-vuvuzela. The shit was pretty annoying and if he’s in pro- them, I wonder if he could’ve made it through his 27 years in prison if they … Continue reading

Rosie > Megan Fox?

I’m not sure if I’m ready to give her Megan Fox’s crown of sexiest actress alive just yet, but Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is in fact replacing Miss Fox as the female lead in the next Transformers … Continue reading

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

It might have been because I had the worst hangover ever, but the first batch of Super Bowl commercials that aired in the 1st quarter and into the 2nd sucked major balls to me. It wasn’t until a string of three straight commercials at some point close to halftime that I actually found any to be funny. These were some … Continue reading

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