Kate Upton Topless … But Censored

TMZ should be bombed for not leaking the uncensored video!

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Alessandra Kinda Topless

Victoria’s Secret super model Alessandra Ambrosio is easily one of the loves of my life. If there was a test of beauty, I’m sure she’d rank in the 99th percentile as she’s undoubtedly one of planet Earth’s finest specimens. Needless to say, topless pictures of Alessandra are wicked cool — even if she’s covering up her goods with her arms.

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Babe of the Week: Sophie Howard


I love female breasts. And I’m 99.8% certain that the meaning of life can be found by staring at them long enough. Touching, squeezing, kissing, licking, punching and spooging on them can only help one know that life’s worth living.

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World’s Hottest News Anchor

No disrespect to Tom Brokaw, but France has us beat when it comes to hot news anchors. Case in point is the breathtakingly beautiful Mélissa Theuriau who has been featured on all sorts of channels and news programs over there that I’ve never heard of and … Continue reading

Playboy Model Jesse Preston

I love girls of all types and ages (insert jail bait joke here). But I must admit that I have a special spot reserved in my Spank Bank™ for ladies with a little of the tanned ethnicities in them. The dark hair, brown eyes and naturally tanned skin tends to … Continue reading

Fan of Audrina Patridge’s Hills

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something special about seeing a reality TV star all nekkid and shit. Even though most all reality TV is hella fake and most all of the girls that do it are really no different than your typical Playboy … Continue reading

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