Super Bowl XLV Prediction

My record picking against the spread for this year’s NFL playoffs stands at a fairly impressive 5-1. I nailed both conference championship games and got 3 out of 4 correct in the divisional round. The only pick I’ve gotten wrong so far was the game between the Jets and … Continue reading

Super Bore

The Super Bowl, while a decent enough game between two of the game’s best teams and two of the league’s best quarterbacks, honestly bored the Hell out of me. I believe part of it was because there weren’t really any big hits, amazing catches, or really big plays. Both the Colts and Saints seemed to drive at will and would … Continue reading

Best Super Bowl Commercial

There were a few good ones, but my pick for the best commercial during the Super Bowl goes to the Conan O’Brien one. It just left me in stitches.

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Better Than You

During the Super Bowl and after one of Larry Fitzgerald’s many miraculous plays, we decided that from now on that he should be referred to as simply, “Better Than You”. The reason being that we figured that when he’s making some of these amazing catches, often with perfect coverage on him by the defensive back, that he must be thinking … Continue reading

A Lousy Ending

First, I want to say that I don’t think it effected the outcome of the game. The Steelers won and the chances are that they would’ve run even if the fumble was overturned. Nevertheless, I feel completely ripped off as a football fan that the final play for the Cards was NOT reviewed. Regardless of the outcome, the play SHOULD … Continue reading

On a “Dear Dave” Roll

Not quite as active as last week, partly due to the fact that Super Bowl Sunday was as big of a downer on my traffic as it was to Bill Belichick’s ego, but there were still enough of your emails for me to update. Enjoy!

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The Play of the Year

It might only be February, but it seems highly unlikely that there will be a better play in 2008 than the one in Super Bowl XLII where Eli Manning miraculously avoided a sack and then David Tyree came down with one of the greatest catches that I’ve ever seen. Even if it were to have happened in the regular season, … Continue reading

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

It might have been because I had the worst hangover ever, but the first batch of Super Bowl commercials that aired in the 1st quarter and into the 2nd sucked major balls to me. It wasn’t until a string of three straight commercials at some point close to halftime that I actually found any to be funny. These were some … Continue reading

Biggest. Choke. EVER!

My plan to jinx the Patriots by predicting a blowout worked!!!! I am so unbelievably happy right now, no words can really describe the emotions I’m feeling. My sports life has been so crap over the past five plus years that I’ve been getting most of my joy out of seeing teams I hate do poorly. The New England Patriots … Continue reading

My Super Bowl XLII Prediction

I’ll be rooting for the New York football Giants, but I think it’s a forgone conclusion that the Patriots are going to win this game and finish off their 19-0 “perfect season”.  The only question is whether they’ll win a close game or in a blowout. My money would be on the blowout because Belichick has had two weeks to … Continue reading

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