Doing the Q & A Thing

I got up at 5AM so I could put in at least seven hours of play time into Mass Effect before the roommies and their kid wake up, but the RRoD fiasco has left me with nothing to do but update “Dear Dave”. I guess it’s a win for you! ;)

( function() { if (window.CHITIKA … Continue reading

The Towel Trick Failed

I gave the infamous “towel trick” a try to see if I could get the 360 to last me the weekend, but it failed miserably. It did technically work, but it only made it a very insignificant three minutes before the Xbox 360 crapped out on me again and gave me the RRoD.  I’m trying it one more time, but … Continue reading

Fucking RRoD

I knew it was just a matter of time, but why did it have to happen very early Saturday morning when I was ready to get the final 145 GS from Mass Effect on Xbox 360? What happened, you ask? Well, the dreaded Red Ring of Death.  Now I’m facing a full weekend without college football, NFL football and Xbox … Continue reading

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