My New York City Vacation

I believe it was the night of Tuesday, June 19th, and I was about halfway through a 1.5L bottle of Smirnoff when my friend Jackie IM’d me saying that I should come visit her in New York City for the weekend. I was drunk enough that I said, “sure!” and followed up by booking a flight and hotel for the … Continue reading

The Missing ’07 Photos

dsc00084.jpgAlright, so I’ve just uploaded all of the ’07 photos that never got posted because it was during the time when I wasn’t updating the website. They cover SF visits from Erin, Andrea & Erica, plus an LA trip to see Jordanna, Kim & Nikayla, two Florida vacations and a … Continue reading

A Few More Photos

dsc00595a.jpgHere’s another smallish update to the My Photos section that includes shots that were taken when I was updating, but somehow never made it live for whatever reason. With whatever reason most likely meaning I was too busy losing weight, gaining weight, playing games, watching movies or TV, jerking … Continue reading

Old, Yet New, Photos

I’ve been trying to organize all my photos on the Macbook and in doing so I’ve come across a ton of old photos taken during the period that my site was up that I never posted. I’ve just posted the first batch of these in the My Photos section. They include:

( function() { if (window.CHITIKA === undefined) { … Continue reading

My Photos Flickr’d

I just finished up the process of moving all my old photos from Sony ImageStation, which is closing down completely on February 1, 2008, to my new My Photos that are hosted on Flickr. There’s nothing new if you had already checked out everything from before I stopped updating, but if you never got around to it or … Continue reading

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