Not So Happy New Year

I had a truly EPIC fall on the snowy sidewalk in front of Gypsy Bar before midnight on New Year’s Eve and I’m still in a tremdous amount of pain from it. Walking is downright impossible thanks to a deep bruise of sorts on my left thigh. It’s not black and blue but there’s a massive lump and it hurts … Continue reading

One Week Till Surgery

The pain in the ass gall bladder is set to be removed next week on Friday, December 19th, so this will be my final weekend of partying until after Christmas. I might actually stay in tonight and finish up Weeds Season 4, but tomorrow night will undoubtedly be one for the record books. My boy Harris knows a girl that … Continue reading

Another Babe-Filled Night @ Venu

The quality of the talent at Venu was off the charts yet again tonight. My roll was off, but the night was still highly enjoyable. Good news is that we got the hook-up with one of the guys at the door who throws a lot of events around town so that’s yet another quality connection we’ve made over the past … Continue reading

Working From Home

I get to work from home today because I have a 2:30PM doctor’s appointment so it didn’t make sense to make the 45 min drive to and from work four times today. It’s cool to have this option, but my chair at home, which I never normally use, doesn’t provide adequate back support. Plus, it’s kind of too quiet and … Continue reading

I Love Gypsy Bar

First, every night I’ve gone to Gypsy has been a lot of fun except for that one night where I struck out something like 10 straight times, with five girls telling me don’t bother because I’m too fat (I blame the fact that I shaved and that … Continue reading

What A Great Weekend

For starters, I had amazing nights out on both Friday and Saturday. Both evenings were loads of fun and there were plenty of hot chicks to entertain everywhere we went. Then things went really good with all of my football teams on both Saturday and Sunday.

( function() { if (window.CHITIKA === undefined) { window.CHITIKA = { ‘units’ : [] … Continue reading

I Had A Great Night

Last night was pretty special. Not only was it in celebration of my dear friend and former Babe of the Week Erica Ramos’ birthday, but it marked my first night of going out since moving to the city of Boston. Plus, it also turned out to be the first time I got kicked out of a club in this city … Continue reading

New Year’s Eve 2000

2109007009_9967524fe6.jpgIt was before I started surrounding myself with jaw-dropping beauties and supplying my liver with overpriced alcohol from clubs. Yet, somehow, my New Year’s Eve 2000 was by far the most fun I’ve ever had celebrating the dawning of a new year. It wasn’t even that it was my first in San … Continue reading

Old, Yet New, Photos

I’ve been trying to organize all my photos on the Macbook and in doing so I’ve come across a ton of old photos taken during the period that my site was up that I never posted. I’ve just posted the first batch of these in the My Photos section. They include:

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My Photos Flickr’d

I just finished up the process of moving all my old photos from Sony ImageStation, which is closing down completely on February 1, 2008, to my new My Photos that are hosted on Flickr. There’s nothing new if you had already checked out everything from before I stopped updating, but if you never got around to it or … Continue reading

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