The Bright Side…

Oh, boy. If you were watching yesterday’s Miami Hurricanes debacle against Ohio State with me, the chances are good that you would’ve left with some wounds. I had been looking at this game ever since I heard that it was going to be played as redemption for the Buckeyes … Continue reading

I’m Bored

Yeah, staying in tonight so no cute college girls. Pretty bored cause OSU kinda sucks and USC is killing them so this game isn’t really all that interesting even though I tend to enjoy seeing the suckeyes get spanked. Didn’t even get to see naked girl change in the other building. Oh, well, hopefully the NFL games are more fun … Continue reading

Ohio State Sucks!

When the hell are people going to learn that the Big Ten is the most overrated conference in college football? Ohio State is 0-9 against the SEC in bowl games. They suck. This is the second straight BCS championship game that they should NOT have been included in and this is the second straight time they’ve been dominated by an … Continue reading

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