QHF Top 15 Sports Game of 2009!

The game I’ve been slaving away on — Quick Hit Football — made Game Pro’s list of the Top 15 Sports Games of 2009! We still got a lot of work to do, but I hope we can come through with something that’ll be truly amazing.

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NFL Draft Drinking Game

I’ve put together a little drinking game for the 2009 NFL Draft for my company @ QuickHit.com. Check it out and follow the rules if you truly want to enjoy tomorrow’s NFL Draft — it will be the same game that I will be playing with Brandon … Continue reading

We Need A CB!

Maybe it’s just my negativity with my sports teams, but I’m starting to think that the Miami Dolphins are headed to a last place finish in the AFC East this season. Maybe I should be a little more confident with the “trifecta” of Parcells, Ireland and Sporano, but I’ve always seen last seasons’ 11-5 record and playoff berth as a … Continue reading

Quick Hit Dev Diary


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Better Than You

During the Super Bowl and after one of Larry Fitzgerald’s many miraculous plays, we decided that from now on that he should be referred to as simply, “Better Than You”. The reason being that we figured that when he’s making some of these amazing catches, often with perfect coverage on him by the defensive back, that he must be thinking … Continue reading

Canes End Dolphins’ Cinderella Season

As big of a whooping that we’re getting, it kinda makes me laugh a little amongst the tears that the Miami Dolphins’ are pretty much getting their asses knocked out of the playoffs by the Miami Hurricanes. Ed Reed’s INT return for a TD pretty much ended my hopes and then McGahee’s long burst pretty much put the final nail … Continue reading

Dolphins Win AFC East!

After the Hurricanes’ debacle in San Fran last night, I had this feeling of impending doom about today’s Jets v Dolphins match-up. The one thing that started to give me hope earlier in the day was the fact that Drew Brees fell 16 yards short of breaking Dan Marino’s single-season passing yards record, despite the fact that Carolina almost GAVE … Continue reading

Phins Win Again

I had to “watch” the game via Gamecast because the Pats were the only game on at 1PM today, but the Dolphins game against the Chiefs drove me crazy nevertheless. Thankfully, I was able to follow it while blowing shit up in Mercenaries 2 or I might’ve gone insane. They managed to pull yet another rabbit out of their hat … Continue reading

FFL & Dolphins Looking Good

This week is the first round in the playoffs of my the Playhard FFL and my team is up 53-50 and my opponent only has T.O. left tonight while I have Eli, Tashard and Westbrook left. It “should” be a win for me, but you never know with Fantasy Football, T.O. could respond with some crazy 30+ point game after … Continue reading

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