A Kid’s Take On My Game

Here’s a fun little video review of the game I work on — Quickhit NFL Football — by a young kid. Enjoy! :)

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A.F. — After Football

The 2010 seasons for the Miami Hurricanes and Dolphins have long been over. And now that the college season has wrapped up and the end of the NFL year is nearing its end, it means it’s time to start getting into the NBA and NHL fully while waiting around for things like National Signing Day and the NFL Draft.

( … Continue reading

Fuck The NFL

I really miss having DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. I hope some day that you can get ST on ANY service provider because I simply cannot have DirecTV at my current residence so it’s not even an option. This is pissing me off something extra fierce today because I’m stuck with two completely horrible games yet again. On one channel, … Continue reading

Al Davis is Retarded

First, let me apologize to anyone who may be reading this that is mentally challenged or are close to someone with a mental disability. I’m sure even the most challenged of individuals could run the Oakland Raiders much better than that senile old fool Al Davis. Sure, he WAS a legend and the NFL owes him a lot of gratitude … Continue reading

Dolphins Spank Pats

Today’s blowout win by the Dolphins over the New England Patriots was extra special because I’m living in Boston and working in Foxboro these days and am surrounded by Pats fans wherever I go. And we just didn’t beat them, we gave them an old fashioned ass whooping and pretty much embarassed them. I kind of wish I would’ve gotten … Continue reading

I’m Bored

Yeah, staying in tonight so no cute college girls. Pretty bored cause OSU kinda sucks and USC is killing them so this game isn’t really all that interesting even though I tend to enjoy seeing the suckeyes get spanked. Didn’t even get to see naked girl change in the other building. Oh, well, hopefully the NFL games are more fun … Continue reading

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