Alessandra Kinda Topless

Victoria’s Secret super model Alessandra Ambrosio is easily one of the loves of my life. If there was a test of beauty, I’m sure she’d rank in the 99th percentile as she’s undoubtedly one of planet Earth’s finest specimens. Needless to say, topless pictures of Alessandra are wicked cool — even if she’s covering up her goods with her arms.

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Never Too Much Candice

I might’ve featured her as my Babe of the Week not too long ago, but I figure that if you’re anything like me that you can’t get enough of Candice Swanepoel. Victoria’s Secret models are so my thing and she’s one of the best these days, so enjoy a few more looks at this fine specimen while I … Continue reading

Australia’s Next Top Model…NOT!

This made me giggle and it’s kind of fucked up whether it was a real accident or staged.

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Beauty & The Geek’s Amanda Hanshaw

I’m not sure if the show is on anymore, but Beauty & the Geek used to be one of my many reality TV guilty pleasures. I’d watch and make fun of it religiously with my roommies at the time and it was one of the shows … Continue reading

SI Cover Girl Bar Refaeli

bar_refaeli_6Not only is she named after one of my favorite places to go, but the Israeli-born Goddess Bar Refaeli is also the most recent cover model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Both excellent honors and things to be proud of. Before that, she … Continue reading

I Love Gypsy Bar

First, every night I’ve gone to Gypsy has been a lot of fun except for that one night where I struck out something like 10 straight times, with five girls telling me don’t bother because I’m too fat (I blame the fact that I shaved and … Continue reading

Friday Night @ Venu

Before I can talk about the fun festivities that was Saturday night, I first must rewind the clock and share the dirt on Friday night at Club Venu. The reason I couldn’t divulge anything yesterday was because I had one of those all-day hangovers and pretty much stayed in bed until 8PM at night when I finally got up to … Continue reading

That New Victoria’s Secret Angel

miranda5.jpgAfter some research, I’ve since learned that she’s been a big deal in the fashion industry since the late ’90s. But, truth be told, the lovely Miranda Kerr has been known to me as simply “that new Victoria’s Secret Angel” for much of the past year. For names … Continue reading

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