O’s Bid For Perfection Ends

The Baltimore Orioles’ dream of a perfect 162-0 season ended today with a 11-2 loss to the Evil Empire, dropping them to 2-1 and 1/2 game out of their one-time stranglehold on first place in the AL East. I guess I can take solace in the fact that this amazing first place and unbeaten run lasted much longer than I … Continue reading

The First Place Orioles!

I don’t get a chance to say it often and when I do it’s typically in April, May or not at all, so please let me have my moment when I proudly scream — how about them first place Baltimore Orioles! My boys roughed up C.C. “not gonna live up to his fat contract except in maybe his waistline” Sabathia … Continue reading

O’s Trade Bedard

It looks like my Baltimore Orioles finalized the 1 for 5 trade with the Mariners, giving up Erik Bedard. The move was probably the smart thing to do as the team really needs to start stock-piling young talent if they’re ever going to be able to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox. The idea of trying to spend with … Continue reading

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