All Grows Up

There was a time that I would react to someone doing me wrong on the highway by pulling out an illegally-owned 9mm Beretta and waving it at the culprit while aggressively passing and then cutting them off. I grew out of that and moved on to a technique I liked to call “the nudge” or “love tap”, which I learned … Continue reading

Mass Drivers < AWDs

I hate to keep bitching about bad drivers, especially since one of the reasons I had shut down my site for a couple years was that it had gotten to the point where I would only blog about how much I hated AWDs (Asian Women Drivers). It’s just so hard to keep my sanity after dealing with the sometimes horrific … Continue reading

Crash & Burn Friday

I knew things were really going too well. Pretty much every night that I’ve gone out in Boston has been amazing. The girls have mostly been highly approachable and at least 4 out of every 5 that I tried to talk to would actually have a conversation and maybe 1 out of every 4 of those would provide their digits … Continue reading

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