New Fall TV Shows

Thanks to the fact that Lost, 24 and a couple of my other longtime Tivo standards are no longer with us, my DVR hasn’t been as full lately if you ignore all the repeat episodes of Hanna Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place that somehow “magically” keep getting recorded. As a result of this void in my life, I decided … Continue reading

The Guys Suck

I’m still not sure why I still watch this crap even though I always say I hate it. I also don’t know why I have a habit of not blogging when my life’s entertaining and update more when I’m not getting into any fun and am staying at home wasting my time watching things like American Idol.

( function() { … Continue reading

1000/1000 in Lost Via Domus

My achievement whoring has gotten me to play some pretty awful games, with Lost Via Domus being the latest such title. The only difference between this and something like, let’s say, Meet the Robinsons, is that I had a tad bit of interest in playing Lost because I’m a huge fan of the show. The fandom didn’t do much to … Continue reading

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