Celtics Let One Slip Away

Even though Kobe was being his MVP self and Sasha played out of his mind, Game 3 was ours for the taking and we missed out on a great chance to take complete control over this series thanks to some horrible shooting and sloppy play from guys like Paul Pierce. He made some of the laziest passes that ended up … Continue reading

SIGH…Halfway There!

I don’t even know what to say after that game. The C’s just dominated the 3rd and the beginning of the 4th up until Kobe & The Kobbette’s started nailing three’s like they were going outta style. The weird thing is that even though the lead was cut down to 2 from 24, I never really felt like we were … Continue reading

One Down…!

We’re just three wins away from an NBA Championship! I know Game 1 doesn’t a series make, but it’s much more important that we win these first two games in Boston than for the Lakers to win even just one so this game was extremely important to me. It was also an amazing game to watch as the series is … Continue reading

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