The Guys Suck

I’m still not sure why I still watch this crap even though I always say I hate it. I also don’t know why I have a habit of not blogging when my life’s entertaining and update more when I’m not getting into any fun and am staying at home wasting my time watching things like American Idol.

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Pretty Girl Gets The Boot

What did I tell you? The old fat housewives that vote on American Idol don’t like the pretty girls. And, guess what? The only girl on American Idol’s top 24 that makes my willy move even a little — Janell Wheeler — was the first tossed off the show tonight. This pretty much ends my interest Season 9.

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Hottest Remaining Idol

I’m not even sure why I “still” watch American Idol anymore. I got tired of the “joke” rounds a few years ago and I’ve never really enjoyed the “serious” episodes ever. I guess the only thing that keeps me coming is the potential for a bangin’ chick … Continue reading

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