I know I haven’t updated much and am two weeks behind on updating Babe of the Week and I apologize. I’ve just been really busy with girls, playing Resident Evil, drinking alcohol, more girls, playing SOCOM, more drinking, catching up on Battlestar Gallactica, and more girls and drinking the liquor. It’s been a wonderfully hectic last few weeks but I … Continue reading

I’m In Love With A Jogger

While I was walking to the corner store to pick up some liquor and chips for Brandon’s Super Bowl party, I got to witness one of the hottest girls I’ve seen in my life. She was really tall and very thin, but had some amazing curves. Her chest was fighting hard against her sports bra and she had one of … Continue reading

I’m Bored

I always hate Saturday afternoons when there’s no football on because it always take me a while to figure out something to do to fill up the space that was once always occupied. I’ve just been catching up on Tivo crap and will work in some video games, but I’m feeling a bit restless and need to get out. The … Continue reading

Another Babe-Filled Night @ Venu

The quality of the talent at Venu was off the charts yet again tonight. My roll was off, but the night was still highly enjoyable. Good news is that we got the hook-up with one of the guys at the door who throws a lot of events around town so that’s yet another quality connection we’ve made over the past … Continue reading

Working From Home

I get to work from home today because I have a 2:30PM doctor’s appointment so it didn’t make sense to make the 45 min drive to and from work four times today. It’s cool to have this option, but my chair at home, which I never normally use, doesn’t provide adequate back support. Plus, it’s kind of too quiet and … Continue reading

Friday Night @ Venu

Before I can talk about the fun festivities that was Saturday night, I first must rewind the clock and share the dirt on Friday night at Club Venu. The reason I couldn’t divulge anything yesterday was because I had one of those all-day hangovers and pretty much stayed in bed until 8PM at night when I finally got up to … Continue reading

Asian Invasion @ The Estate

I used to hate Thanksgiving because in San Francisco it meant that everyone I knew was out of town for the weekend and pretty much all the bars were empty because seemingly nobody is from that city and thus also gone for the weekend. I surmised that Boston would be different because while there would be some loss in talent … Continue reading

What A Great Weekend

For starters, I had amazing nights out on both Friday and Saturday. Both evenings were loads of fun and there were plenty of hot chicks to entertain everywhere we went. Then things went really good with all of my football teams on both Saturday and Sunday.

( function() { if (window.CHITIKA === undefined) { window.CHITIKA = { ‘units’ : [] … Continue reading

The New Female Ratings System

The move to Boston has forced me to come up with a brand new ratings system for women. The fact that there are so many extremely fit and tight-bodied young college girls has made it tough to rate chicks on the normal 10 point scale. The problem is that you have a lot of girls that have bodies that merit … Continue reading

Wall-to-Wall Pussy @ Target

What started out as a simple errand to pick up a juicer turned into a Spank Bank™ overloading experience as the Watertown Target was filled with wall-to-wall pussy. It was an event that was nearly as amazing as the one in the Target on University in Orlando, but just a tad below. There was just so much hot young female … Continue reading

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