The Guys Suck

I’m still not sure why I still watch this crap even though I always say I hate it. I also don’t know why I have a habit of not blogging when my life’s entertaining and update more when I’m not getting into any fun and am staying at home wasting my time watching things like American Idol.

( function() { … Continue reading

American Idol Is So Blah

American Idol has been crap for years (arguably from the beginning) but the schtick has really worn thin. It’s so predictable who they’re going to cut or let through these days and it’s the suspense that often makes it interesting. The suspense just isn’t there anymore. I’m thinking that in order to mix things up they really ought to get … Continue reading

Prison Break Jumps The Shark

To be quite honest, I might be late in saying this, but I think Prison Break has finally jumped the shark. I am just sick and tired of the storyline and am driven to the point of vomit when I hear the voices of many of the characters. Part of me wishes I would’ve just bailed on the show during … Continue reading

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