Patriots Go 16-0, as I Predicted!

I said they’d go 16-0 back when they got Randy Moss and they did. I guess that makes me a genius! Only problem here is that I’m a Miami Dolphin fan, so while I may revel in my genius in predicting 16-0 for the Pats, I must also deal with the pain I feel caused by one of my least … Continue reading

Parcells to Save Dolphins?

According to sources, it looks as if legendary head coach Bill Parcells might be ready to sign a four year contract to be the VP of football operations for the Miami Dolphins. It’s fairly big news, but I honestly have mixed emotions about it.

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Dolphins Win!!!

Sadly, this win might just prove that the Dave Z curse is in fact real. Why? Well, this was the first game all year that I didn’t watch! I decided to hit the gym at 10am, then after showering and cleaning up, I went out to do some errands like Christmas shopping and getting my hair cut.

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The Curse of Dave Z

I’m starting to think I might be cursed. There’s hope this year with the Flyers and especially the Celtics, but it seems that whatever team I cheer for has no shot at winning. And with the exception of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (haha!), every team that I root against does well. Case in point, take a look at the … Continue reading

Football Follies

Sums up this game (already 31-7 in the first half) and this season for the Miami Dolphins. I can’t stop myself from just laughing every time someone fucks up, the other team does something good, or just some random event goes against them. It’s almost like it’s “destiny” that the Dolphins will get 0-16 and the Patriots go 16-0.

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McFadden to the Patriots?!?

Yeah, so, uhh, I was having a really good morning. I got my ass out of bed to workout before work for just the 2nd time this week so things were looking good. Then I had to go and check and Todd McShay’s mock draft where he has Darren McFadden going to the New England Patriots!?!!

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