Republicans Turned Off By Size Of Obama’s Package

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Scott Brown’s Daughter is BANGIN’

Okay, so I just learned something extremely important tonight. No, not that Republican Scott Brown has just become the first non-Democrat US senator for the State of Massachusetts in something like 44 years. Not that a State that is considered one of the Left-most in the Union that voted for Obama by a better than 25% margin essentially voted against … Continue reading

It’s Hard To Talk When You’re Teebagging

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My Presidential Prediction

While most pundits believe that our next President will be Barack Obama, my gut feeling is that we’ll be addressing Senator John McCain as President when all is said and done. Even though most Americans seem fed up with President Bush’s failures and McCain really represents more of the same, you simply cannot underestimate the power of the Republican political … Continue reading

I Got A Crush On Obama

This video has been around for a while — as shown by the fact it’s been watched a few billion times on Youtube. However, since one of my buds at work saw some photo of some hottie he needed identified, for which he always turns to me, and I immediately recognized her as “Obama Girl” I thought I’d share the … Continue reading

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