One Week Till Surgery

The pain in the ass gall bladder is set to be removed next week on Friday, December 19th, so this will be my final weekend of partying until after Christmas. I might actually stay in tonight and finish up Weeds Season 4, but tomorrow night will undoubtedly be one for the record books. My boy Harris knows a girl that … Continue reading

Asian Invasion @ The Estate

I used to hate Thanksgiving because in San Francisco it meant that everyone I knew was out of town for the weekend and pretty much all the bars were empty because seemingly nobody is from that city and thus also gone for the weekend. I surmised that Boston would be different because while there would be some loss in talent … Continue reading

Down To 311.2 Lbs

I had yet another fantastic week where I ate healthy every day and worked out each and every morning. The result was a drop of 6 lbs from 317.2 lbs to 311.2 lbs. I capped things off with a fun night out on the town Saturday night where Brandon & I headed over to this place called Privus and … Continue reading

I Had A Great Night

Last night was pretty special. Not only was it in celebration of my dear friend and former Babe of the Week Erica Ramos’ birthday, but it marked my first night of going out since moving to the city of Boston. Plus, it also turned out to be the first time I got kicked out of a club in this city … Continue reading

My Photos Flickr’d

I just finished up the process of moving all my old photos from Sony ImageStation, which is closing down completely on February 1, 2008, to my new My Photos that are hosted on Flickr. There’s nothing new if you had already checked out everything from before I stopped updating, but if you never got around to it or … Continue reading

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