Midnight Cardio

I just saw some pictures of me from Friday night and they just made me want to vomit. Sure, I can see what the scale has been saying and have looked in the mirror, but damn, sometimes seeing photos can really make one notice when things are out of hand. For one, it makes me think that I may have … Continue reading

Short-Term Goal

I was going to set one of those long-term six week goals for myself. But given the fact that I’ve been doing this quite often over the past few months and never making it more than a week, I thought it best to start off with just a one week goal.

( function() { if (window.CHITIKA === undefined) { window.CHITIKA … Continue reading

Down to 297.0 lbs

Baby steps. Baby steps. Dropped about one and half pounds and am now down to 297.0, which is a drop of 34.4 lbs since moving to Boston. Obviously still “too fat” but I’m going in the right direction, albeit at a rather slow pace of late. My goal of making it to the gym every day didn’t happen, but … Continue reading

Down Another 2 LBS

Only lost 2 lbs for the week, but it was another fantastic 7 days where I had excellent workouts every single morning and didn’t slip on the diet front at all during the week. I think my digestive issues are probably why more weight didn’t come off. Regardless, I’m now down to 309.2 lbs with 39.8% body fat and … Continue reading

Dropped Another 3 LBS

I had yet another excellent week of eating healthy and exercising every day and the prize for doing so has been dropping 3 more lbs. I’m now down to 317.2 lbs and am well on my way towards getting below 300 in the short term and 200 in the long term. My body fat is down to 39.5%, visceral … Continue reading

Bad Start To The Day

I forced myself into the gym this morning only to find out that some jackass somehow switched the treadmill to the metric system and that’s just thrown off my whole mojo for the day. I just can’t think in meters or kilometers and it’s too stressful trying to figure out how fast I should set the machine to in KPH … Continue reading

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