I’m In Love With A Jogger

While I was walking to the corner store to pick up some liquor and chips for Brandon’s Super Bowl party, I got to witness one of the hottest girls I’ve seen in my life. She was really tall and very thin, but had some amazing curves. Her chest was fighting hard against her sports bra and she had one of … Continue reading

It’s Fricken 10 Below Outside

Thankfully it’s nice and toasty in my bed right now, because it’s apparently something like 10 degrees below zero outside when you factor in the wind chill. It’s going to be a dreadful walk to my car tomorrow morning when I go to work, as it’s parked at the Marriott that’s a couple blocks away.

( function() { if … Continue reading

Yeah, Yeah, Soon…

I know I said I would update yesterday with a pair of Babe of the Week honorees to catch me up, but I’m an alcoholic and you can’t trust our kind. The big problem with my semi-promise was that it was Matt Murphy’s Tuesday and I didn’t have time for the website. You see, every other Tuesday we hit up … Continue reading

Girls Should Be A Little Safer!

First, I had an amazing time last night. I’ll blog about all of the night’s events tonight while catching up on all the Tivo shows that have been piling up. For now, I just wanted to share the strange events that capped off the enjoyable night for me and highly entertaining evening for all those lucky enough to meet me … Continue reading

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