Free Brazilian Wax By Dave Z!

Whether or not you’re one of those that are thrilled by today’s historic inauguration of President Barack Obama or not, you just got to love the fact sexual innuendo is alive and well. I have so many hot young female friends who have Facebook status updates that excitingly say “bye bye Bush” and just reading that makes me feel all … Continue reading

On a “Dear Dave” Roll

Not quite as active as last week, partly due to the fact that Super Bowl Sunday was as big of a downer on my traffic as it was to Bill Belichick’s ego, but there were still enough of your emails for me to update. Enjoy!

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Your Questions Answered

I, surprisingly, got enough emails to warrant yet another “Dear Dave” update. We’ll see how long this lasts, but if it does, you can expect weekly updates to this section approximately every Thursday.

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