Beauty & The Geek’s Amanda Hanshaw

I’m not sure if the show is on anymore, but Beauty & the Geek used to be one of my many reality TV guilty pleasures. I’d watch and make fun of it religiously with my roommies at the time and it was one of the shows I’d … Continue reading

Everything’s Great Butterface

I’m actually quite reluctant to name Megan Hauserman my latest Babe of the Week because she’s probably the least attractive girl I’ve ever bestowed this honor. Hell, despite my general horniness and desperation, if I had sex with her she’d be by far the least … Continue reading

Rock of Love Girls!


I didn’t think anyone else watched the same crap that I do, but apparently other people out there are entertained by the same worthless television that I am. People actually get joy out of watching stupid bitches on shows like Rock of Love 2 and Beauty & the Geek. I thought I was one of the few. Or maybe I … Continue reading

Beauty & the Geek’s Leticia Cline

leticia_cline_8.jpgThe lovely Leticia Cline is this week’s Babe of the Week honoree, but I’m not going to use this space to talk about how great she looks or how much I’d love to Russian her before nutting in her face. I’m just here to bitch about how my web host is so … Continue reading

Why I Still Watch This Crap

I watch a lot of really stupid shows and despite me knowing they’re stupid, I keep watching. I assume it’s just out of habit or maybe it’s some sick sadomasochist reason. First, there’s America’s Next Top Model. You could say that I watch it for the hot chicks but if you said that you’ve never seen an episode of the … Continue reading

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