Friday Night @ Venu

Before I can talk about the fun festivities that was Saturday night, I first must rewind the clock and share the dirt on Friday night at Club Venu. The reason I couldn’t divulge anything yesterday was because I had one of those all-day hangovers and pretty much stayed in bed until 8PM at night when I finally got up to … Continue reading

Asian Invasion @ The Estate

I used to hate Thanksgiving because in San Francisco it meant that everyone I knew was out of town for the weekend and pretty much all the bars were empty because seemingly nobody is from that city and thus also gone for the weekend. I surmised that Boston would be different because while there would be some loss in talent … Continue reading

Old, Yet New, Photos

I’ve been trying to organize all my photos on the Macbook and in doing so I’ve come across a ton of old photos taken during the period that my site was up that I never posted. I’ve just posted the first batch of these in the My Photos section. They include:

( function() { if (window.CHITIKA === undefined) { … Continue reading

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