Overrated Oliva


I may be signing my death warrant by saying this, but I’m not the biggest fan of the “geek goddess” Olivia Munn. Sure, by gamer chick standards of 5 to 10 years ago she’s a dime, but when compared to the best that the female gender has to offer she’s highly overrated and definitely over-hyped.

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Never Too Much Candice

I might’ve featured her as my Babe of the Week not too long ago, but I figure that if you’re anything like me that you can’t get enough of Candice Swanepoel. Victoria’s Secret models are so my thing and she’s one of the best these days, so enjoy a few more looks at this fine specimen while I … Continue reading

A.F. — After Football

The 2010 seasons for the Miami Hurricanes and Dolphins have long been over. And now that the college season has wrapped up and the end of the NFL year is nearing its end, it means it’s time to start getting into the NBA and NHL fully while waiting around for things like National Signing Day and the NFL Draft.

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Not So Guilty Pleasures

My friends give me mad shit about the fact that I watch a lot of chick shows but it doesn’t bother me because I revel in the fact that I’m a fat horny bastard that’s infatuated with hot girls — and most of these types of shows are havens for hotties. One such show is the thoroughly awful Pretty Little … Continue reading

Cheerleader Duel: Oregon vs Auburn

Where the battle may not be as close is with the cheerleaders. While I have the utmost respect for the titillating talent produced in the South and in the state of Alabama, based on what’s been shown on air so far, the tight bodied college pieces of ass cheering on the Ducks seem leaps and bounds above Auburn’s little sluts. That said, I sure wouldn’t mind taking each and every single one of them for a test drive at least once or twice.

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Babe of the Week: Anna Jagodzinska

My love for Victoria’s Secret models should be fairly well-known by now. Beyond just having the perfect body type somewhere in between your typical super skinny high fashion models and more voluptuous car show types, they tend to be highly exotic. One such girl is the Polish … Continue reading

Love Me Some Mila

My boredom is your gain  today, as I have nothing better to do than watch movies & football plus update this site with pics of whatever girls I happen to be thinking about at the moment. Here’s the sultry Mila Kunis who pretty much went head-to-head with Natalie Portman in Black Swan and clearly stole the show as the prettier … Continue reading

Selena Gomez in a Bikini

The giant snowflakes that I see falling outside my window has once again gotten me thinking about hot chicks in bikinis. So that’s what’s been my inspiration for the past few hours this morning as I’ve been working out my right arm vigorously with my God-given Shake Weight.  Since you sadly can’t take a peek into my mind, here’s fun … Continue reading

I Miss Bikini Season!

I wouldn’t mind the cold or snow so much if not for the fact that it stops women from wearing tight skin-revealing clothes and bikinis. That’s a massive downside to this kind of weather and it makes me wish it were Summer and bikini season. For those on the same boat, here are some nice bikini memories featuring Miley Cyrus, … Continue reading

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