American Idol is a Sausage Fest

American Idol is such a sausage fest this year and I can’t stand it. Might actually stop watching before the top 12 even starts, which is about four to six weeks earlier than I usually give up. My theory is that it’s because I’m guessing that 90% of the people that vote for this crap are women and thus the … Continue reading

American Idol’s Casey Carlson

casey_carlson_11I kind of forgot about her when I made the comment about Idol’s lack of hot girls this season because I’ve been in hyper fast forward mode when watching the show on Tivo and think I must’ve skipped her and assumed the jealousy of the two old … Continue reading

American Idol Is So Blah

American Idol has been crap for years (arguably from the beginning) but the schtick has really worn thin. It’s so predictable who they’re going to cut or let through these days and it’s the suspense that often makes it interesting. The suspense just isn’t there anymore. I’m thinking that in order to mix things up they really ought to get … Continue reading

Poor Jessica…Oops, I Mean Danny

Jessica or Danny?We sadly said goodbye to my boy Danny Noriega last night on American Idol. I’m going to miss that girl! The way he would get all sassy with Simon, shake her hips when he sang, and give us her cutest pouty lips when he was sad was pure entertainment. I never ceased … Continue reading

Danny Noriega…Boy or Girl?

I don’t even know why I still watch it, but American Idol is on my Tivo list and I admittedly love when Simon keeps it real and rips into someone’s ass. A lot of people think he’s an ass, but I tend to agree with his comments 99.9% of the time. Anyway, that’s not what this post about. Tonight was … Continue reading

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