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Ellen Feiss --
I'm sure the first question that's crossed your mind is, "who the fuck is Ellen Feiss?" Well, my friends, Ellen is some random student that appears in Apple's "Switch" ads talking about why they hate PCs and now love Mac's. Here's her story:

Iím writing to share a tragic little story.

My Dad has a PC that my sister and I used to use for our homework assignments. One night, I was writing a paper on it, when all of a sudden it went berserk, the screen started flashing, and the whole paper just disappeared. All of it. And it was a good paper! I had to cram and rewrite it really quickly. Needless to say, my rushed paper wasnít nearly as good, and I blame that PC for the grade I got.

Iím happy to report that my sister and I now share an Apple PowerBook. Itís a lot nicer to work on than my dadís PC was, it hasnít let me down once, and my grades have all been really good.

Thanks, Apple.

Ellen Feiss

Okay. Now that you know "who" Ellen Feiss is, you're now probably thinking to yourself, "why the fuck would you make this zipper-sweatshirt-wearing, no-chest-having, Mac-loving skank your new Babe of the Week?" Honestly, I don't know. I guess she seems hella stoned in her commercial and I have a thing for chicks that are stoned and/or drunk. There's just something about a chick that looks wasted that just screams to me, "I might just have a slight chance". And that, my sons, is honestly enough to get me off. Yes, it's that easy.

You can check out her commercial on Apple's site if you click here

Dave's Babe of the Week

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