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Mercedes Terrell --
When my boy picked up a copy of the Import Tuner with this lovely lady on the cover, he didn't get a chance to read it for the next four weeks. I quickly stole it off his desk and wouldn't let him have it back until he finally took it while I was away from my desk one day. The reason I horded it for so long was that I just fell in love with this fine specimen of the female gender. I hope you all enjoy this fine mix of Italian and Mexican genes as much as I have been.

Name: Mercedes Terrell
Date of Birth: June 2, 1984
Current Residence: Orange County, CA
Ethnicity: Italian / Mexican
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 102 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Measurements: 32B-24-34
Occupation: Modeling
Favorite Actor/Actress: Mike Myers and Catherine Zeta Jones
Favorite Movie: 5th Element !
Favorite TV Show: Simpsons and That 70’s Show
Favorite Food: Sushi!
Favorite Model: Adriana Lima (she obviously has great taste in women)
Favorite Candy: Everything that’s not chocolate
Favorite Sport: Snowboarding, Motocross, and Football
Favorite Vacation Spots: Havasu, River, Glamis, Hawaii
Favorite Hangout: Night Clubs
Favorite Hobbies: Painting and Drawing
Favorite Car: Infinity G35 coupe and Nissan Skyline GTR (holy shit, a girl after my own heart -- these are my two favorite cars)
Future Plans / Goals: Masters in Business and eventually own fashion business.
Personal Website:

Dave's Babe of the Week

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