Overrated Oliva

I may be signing my death warrant by saying this, but I’m not the biggest fan of the “geek goddess” Olivia Munn. Sure, by gamer chick standards of 5 to 10 years ago she’s a dime, but when compared to the best that the female gender has to offer she’s highly overrated and definitely over-hyped.

The girl does have a nice, albeit soft, body and her TV personality can be endearing, but her above-the-neck features are painfully average. She is by no means “butter”, but it’s a shame that’s she’s getting all of the coverage that she gets. Would I hit it? Are you insane? Of course, I would! My little spelunker hasn’t traversed down a vaginal cave since last October and I’m dangerously close to sending him into the toothless mouth of the old homeless woman that’s been begging for change around my building.

If you’re a fan and think I’m on crack (again), feel free to pleasure yourself at your own leisure while checking her out in the pics below.

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