Newton’s BCS Championship Ring on Ebay

It appears that Cam Newton’s BCS National Championship ring has already appeared up for auction on eBay. But Auburn fans need not worry about any NCAA sanctions because Cam gave the ring to his dad and he put it up for sale without his son’s knowledge. I bet OSU’s Pryor is wishing he had the foresight to do the same a few years back.

This bad joke notwithstanding, tonight’s game wasn’t all that bad. I thought it had the potential to be GREAT, but that one run where everyone stopped because they thought the Auburn ball carrier was down was just way too fluky for me and completely ruined the excitement of the game. It turned a potentially all-time classic into one that I couldn’t care less about — almost on the same level of the last goal of the Stanley Cup Finals last year that nobody could see go in.

Not to take anything away from Auburn (well, the NCAA  may actually take this one away in a few months), as they were CLEARLY the better team in this game. Nick Fairley was a fucking beast and the game just felt like it was dominated by Auburn throughout. A lot of credit goes to the Ducks for staying with them and making a game of it. And it’s just too bad that such a fluky play pretty much sealed the deal and made the game’s ending so anti-climatic.

For those keeping score, Auburn won the BCS National Championship and Oregon was the victors in the battle of best cheerleaders and best uniforms.

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