The Guys Suck

I’m still not sure why I still watch this crap even though I always say I hate it. I also don’t know why I have a habit of not blogging when my life’s entertaining and update more when I’m not getting into any fun and am staying at home wasting my time watching things like American Idol.

Those mysteries in life aside, I must say that I’m extremely disappointed with the guys so far this year. They all seem to suck and I’m not talking about in the Ryan Seacrest kind of way. None seem even remotely on the same level as Adam Lambert or that Chris guy that beat him last season cause America still hates the gays. Maybe one or two might step it up, but I’m not seeing it so far.

The good news is that I now get to watch Lost and Blue Mountain State without any commercial interruptions!


  1. I like Megan Fox, I think she is really beautiful!

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