Playboy Model Jesse Preston

I love girls of all types and ages (insert jail bait joke here). But I must admit that I have a special spot reserved in my Spank Bank™ for ladies with a little of the tanned ethnicities in them. The dark hair, brown eyes and naturally tanned skin tends to get the blood flowing into certain extremities quicker than normal. It also helps when said lady is in great shape, and has a nicely rounded ass and a pair of voluptuous double D play toys.

One such women is 23 year old model Jesse Preston. She’s a bangin’ brunette of Puerto Rican descent that has taken it all off for Playboy several times and can now add Dave’s Babe of the Week to her already stellar resume. The only thing that she needs now for her life to be complete is to become one of the notches on my bed post, which comes with a complimentary wheelchair that she’ll need after I bang her so hard and so long that my balls get stuck inside her rectum.


  1. TJAJ9 says:

    Great choice, Z Man! Did you put this BOTW up just for me? :p

  2. Dave Z says:

    The funny thing is that I was actually thinking of you when I put her up. :)

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