Pants On The Ground

I think I just witnessed the greatest song ever performed on American Idol and it was by some 62 year old that goes by the name of General Larry Platt. The song is called “Pants on the Ground” and it’s every bit as catchy as Miley Cyrus’s ultra-addictive “Party in the USA” and arguably just a better overall song.

Check out this Youtube video of him performing it back at the auditions and posted long before tonight’s showing. I guess the guy filmed it and posted it back when the auditions took place cause he knew then it’d be a cult hit as it appears poised to be.

And here’s General Larry Platt doing his thing on the show. :)


  1. TJAJ9 says:

    I totally agree. That guy is cool and his song is great. I’d like to hang out with him at a bar some day. His lyrics actually mean something. He could be a role model for the youth! :) General Larry Platt’s message: Stop imitating the idiot rappers that you see on TV.

    Remember William Hung? He actually came out with a couple of CDs and he was a total moron. I guarantee that we will all be hearing and seeing General Larry Platt in the near future in one way or another.

  2. Dave Z says:

    Yeah, the dude’s awesome and I agree we’ll be hearing and seeing more. Bet we’ll also see a bunch of Pants on the Ground remixes…I kinda want to make one myself but not sure if I could do it with the same energy and style. :)

  3. Yampol says:

    Hey!!! Nothing is better than Party in the USA!!!!!

    1. Dave Z says:

      Yes, you are correct. :p

  4. TJAJ9 says:

    Here’s a great remix of the song:

    Isn’t that awesome? Haha.

  5. Dave Z says:

    That remix is really good.

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