Sick of Being Sick!

Always being sick, getting over a cold or feeling one is coming is getting really tiresome. The Massachusetts winter is really kicking the crap out of my immune system and I think I’ve only had one completely healthy week over the course of the past three months. It’s probably not a coincidence that the healthy week was the one where I exercised every single day and ate really healthy, so maybe it’s more me crapping over my immune system than the wintery mess.

Whether it’s because I’m dealing with my first real winter in more than 10 years or just me not taking care of myself, it’s pretty clear that I gotta do the part that is in my control and make it a point to eat healthy and exercise religiously. I’ve already quit the dirty smoking habit that I picked up around last June, so that’s a start. Now I just need to get back on the anti-fatty path and all should improve greatly in my life.

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