Short-Term Goal

I was going to set one of those long-term six week goals for myself. But given the fact that I’ve been doing this quite often over the past few months and never making it more than a week, I thought it best to start off with just a one week goal.

My first goal for the week is to hit the gym hard every single morning. Not just one of those “going through the motions” workouts, either, but to pick up the intensity quite a bit. Even though I’ve had some solid workouts since moving East, I’ve never really pushed myself in nearly the same fashion as I did back when I used to lift for football. I’ve worked out hard, but haven’t really pushed myself to the extreme. I started off today with a pretty intense upper body workout and I’m hoping to replicate that intensity with all of my workouts this week while not missing a single day.

My other goal for the week is to eat completely healthy each and every day. And by healthy, I’m talking about having six small portioned meals throughout the day that have a balance of quality protein and carbs. I want to completely avoid anything with bad fats or bad carbs in it.

Today, obviously, is going great but the first day usually is as the motivation is the highest. I’m hoping to keep it up through Sunday morning and, if successful, I will be able to start making myself some longer term goals; maybe even planning a full 12-week BFL cycle. I’m just sick of the fact that I keep hovering between 305 and 310 lbs when there’s absolutely no reason I shouldn’t be significantly lower at this point.

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