That Weight Loss Thing

Well, it hasn’t been going that well over the past few weeks. The morning of my surgery right before Christmas to have my gallbadder removed, I tipped the scales at about 295 lbs. Then after having an organ removed and being fed by IV all day and only eating a can of chicken soup when I got back home, I somehow woke up the next morning 12 lbs heavier at 307 lbs. No clue how that happened, to be quite frank, because I was honestly hoping for one of those hospital-inspired extreme weight losses for that day.

Things didn’t improve any after that, as I was ordered not to go to the gym for three weeks by the doctor and the snow and extreme cold weather made it near impossible for me to venture outside too often. As a result, I was pretty sedentary for my entire Holiday break and saw my weight balloon up to 310 lbs by this past Sunday. However, since the workout ban has been lifted I’ve managed to hit the gym more this week and I’m hoping to get back on track.

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