A Blowout, But…

The Hurricanes looked pretty damn good for the first three quarters (after the first drive) in their blowout win today over the Aggies, but I just don’t like what I saw in the 4th for the 2nd straight game. I don’t know if it’s the coach’s faults, the player’s or a combination of both, but they can’t just continue to either fold in the 4th like they did against the Gators or just fail to close out a game like they did today. It’s still a “W” but the Aggies are a horrible team and the Canes’ inability to close out and just get walked over in the 4th is embarrassing. True Canes own the 4th quarter.

I still think they have the talent to actually compete in the A(wful)CC but they better start showing they have what it takes on the “inside” to be a truly great football team or else this could end up being another disappointing season. We also can’t just overlook the fact that they dominated the Aggies like this last year, too, and it was pretty much the only game the offense looked good in all season. I am very optimistic about this team and I’m hoping it’s just growing pains for a very young squad, but they’ve still got a lot to prove to me before I start believing the Canes are really back.

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