Just One More!

Words can’t express how excited I am after watching the Celtics come back from 24 down to beat the Lakers tonight to take a commanding 3-1 series lead. We’re just one win away from my first professional championship in 22 years! I’m still in shock over us coming back and winning this game. I know it’ll suck for people looking for a good series, but I hope we can just go out and win this thing on Father’s day.


  1. John L says:

    That was the Worst Game EVER! I still can’t believe the collapse I witnessed. I haven’t seen someone go down that far that fast since I “accidentally” wandered through Crack Alley. Just epic.

  2. Dave Z says:

    Sorry you had to go through that, couldn’t have been easy.

  3. ErrorDante says:

    Can’t say I’m a fan of either team. They have just steamrolled the NBA over time with titles, even though its been decades for the Celts.

    I will admit I want the Celts to win this though, and I suspect its on lock now. I really think KG/Allen and Pierce deserve it.

  4. Dave Z says:

    Yeah, they do! I also deserve it ;)

  5. John L says:

    It was pretty painful but I don’t let it keep me down. Plus, it’s not over yet…..

    What are you up to today? I’m going to be in your neck of the woods for a picnic at Golden Gate Park from 12-5ish. Should be some good food.

  6. Dave Z says:

    Yeah, it’s definitely not over yet. They can easily win game 5 and then take the first in Boston…and then it’d be anyone’s game in game 7. I really really hope it ends tomorrow, though. :)

    I’ve got work all day today and tomorrow. It’s crunch time so it’s 12+ hrs/day & 7 days/week right now. :/

  7. John L says:

    That’s why they play the games. That would be quite the comeback but 3 in a row sounds a little daunting with the way the Lakers are playing right now.

    Ouch, I could never do that for such a long period. I needs me weekends.

  8. John L says:

    Game 6 in 20 minutes! I hope the Lakers can pull it out and force a game 7. There’s nothing better in the NBA than a game 7 in the Finals. Go Lakers!

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