Rock of Love Girls!

I didn’t think anyone else watched the same crap that I do, but apparently other people out there are entertained by the same worthless television that I am. People actually get joy out of watching stupid bitches on shows like Rock of Love 2 and Beauty & the Geek. I thought I was one of the few. Or maybe I am and the other five or six others just happen to read my blog, as well as watch these types of shows. Hmmm, that actually makes a lot of sense. Anyway, here’s a special “Dear Dave” where you’ll find nekkies of some of your Rock of Love 2 and Beauty & the Geek whores that have nekkies out on the interweb. Contact me if you want to be included in future updates. Oh, and it’s NSFW because I’m too lazy to mosaic out the naughties.

Dear Dave: How many other Rock of Love girls or other Reality show starlets have nudes out there. I wonder if Bret would kick out nude/porn models like Flav did to Toastee.
-Jason (New York, NY)


Dear Dave: That Leticia chick is hot. I might have to watch that geek show. Any other hot girls on it that got pics??
-Larry (Burbank, CA)

Dave Z: He would only kick them out if he thought it made for good television. I believe that they do extensive background checks on these women. In fact, I bet they pick the ones that have the histories just because it makes for better TV.

With regard to your first question, probably all of them. The people that go on these shows are typically attention whores that will do anything to be in the spotlight, which meant posing nekky for someone at some point for most of them. Here’s a few for your masturbatory enjoyment:



Tamara Witmer (Rock of Love)

Megan Hauserman (Rock of Love 2 / Beauty & the Geek 3)

Leticia Cline (Beauty & the Geek 5)

Kristy Joe Muller (Rock of Love 2)

Jillian Beyor (Beauty & the Geek 5)

Daisy DeLahoya (Rock of Love 2) — PS – I didn’t censor the pic

Amanda Hanshaw (Beauty & the Geek 4)

Amanda Corey (Beauty & the Geek 5)

Dear Dave: I was in your neighborhood this weekend and I think I saw you shooting hoops. You never said what a nice hook shot you’ve got — or what a mean elbow you throw. Seriously, dude, you ought to take it easy. Your friend’s gonna get some broken ribs if you’re not careful. Now, with respect to your experiment with “Extenze” I wanted to point out that if you encounter any positive results they shouldn’t be taken to mean anything–because you’re eating smart, working out, and mainting a positive attitude now and these things could also have an effect on your manhood. So, if you really want to take one for the team and discover if this product is as advertised, then you’re going to have to go back to eating like a hog, not exercising, and beating yourself up whenever you look in the mirror. You get what I’m saying here?
-Brian Nang (San Francisco, CA)

Dave Z: It must not have been me, or else you would have made comments about my Jordan-esque dunking ability.

As far as the Extenze goes, my eating smart, working out, etc, it’s just a 50/50 thing right now. I got shit-faced dick-limp drunk every night since I started taking that shit except for tonight. Plus, I made note of my “personal bests” and those were when I was probably the healthiest in both body and mind in my entire life. If I top those numbers, then this shit is legit.

Dear Dave: I see your Flyers made the playoffs and things are looking good for the Celtics…think your fortunes with sports teams are turning around?

Dave Z: Man, I don’t want to jinx anything. I’m just excited that both teams are in the playoffs and I’ll be cheering my ass off for both win or lose.

If you would like your question answered in a future update to “Dear Dave”, fell free to contact me.


  1. Chiluerie says:

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  2. sooo fake, Taryn Degiulio

  3. Babes says:

    whoa dude thx for sharing, ill def be back.. thx again!

  4. Sue Lofties says:

    I never thought about it like that.. very insightful. Thanks!

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