The Missing ’07 Photos

dsc00084.jpgAlright, so I’ve just uploaded all of the ’07 photos that never got posted because it was during the time when I wasn’t updating the website. They cover SF visits from Erin, Andrea & Erica, plus an LA trip to see Jordanna, Kim & Nikayla, two Florida vacations and a impromptu jaunt to New York City for my first-ever visit to see Jackie, Charis, Amanda and Paula. You can see all the sexy pics in the My Photos section. I plan to post more detailed recaps of each of these events on my blog in the coming days, so stay tuned!


  1. TJAJ9 says:

    What can I say, man. You definitely have some hot female friends.

    Not only that, but you bring girls to your house and then commence in the playing of Guitar Hero, while they are in their underwear. Need I say more, genius? Haha.

  2. Dave Z says:

    Haha, that was a really fun weekend. So much that I ended up getting them to miss their flight back to stay another day. :)

    A cop even showed up at the door that night because of a noise complaint…but I’ll post more on tha later! :p

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