A Few More Photos

dsc00595a.jpgHere’s another smallish update to the My Photos section that includes shots that were taken when I was updating, but somehow never made it live for whatever reason. With whatever reason most likely meaning I was too busy losing weight, gaining weight, playing games, watching movies or TV, jerking off, browsing the net for porn, or watching sports at the time. The updated albums include:

  • BrandonCam in Orlando (11/13/04)
  • New Year’s Eve ’05 (12/31/04)
  • John00Flemming @ Ten15 (01/01/05)
  • Jennifer Dorn’s Cali Trip (03/13/05)

Stay tuned for more photo updates that include ones from “the greatest New Year’s Eve ever” and all the ones from the pre-re-birth of DaveZdyrko.com.

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