Babe of the Week: Alexis Ren

My current Instagram obsession of late is the smoking hot Alexis Ren (Instagram), who I happen to believe is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. While she’s been steaming up the Internet and causing a lot of nasty thoughts in the minds of horny men for the past few years, Alexis has only been “legal” for a little more than four months. Thankfully, there aren’t any laws against dreaming about this 5′ 8″ embodiment of perfection or else I’d surely be serving several life sentences without a chance of parole.

Watch Dogs The Reemergence of My Dark Passenger

Hi, my name is Aiden Pearce. It’s been eleven months since my niece was murdered as a result of my failed robbery attempt. I had my sights set on avenging her murder, but got frustrated with the fact that every single vehicle I’ve been able to jack in this town has unresponsive steering. Plus, many of the steps I would take towards getting revenge would require me to escape a police chase and the police in this city make the criminals seem like the good guys.

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Babe of the Week: Lexi Atkins

Lexi Atkins is the clear front-runner to becoming Miss USA 2014 on June 8th and even if she doesn’t win (there’s a chance she could finish 2nd to Miss Utah Angie Layton), I’m quite certain we’ll continue to see a lot more of her work as both a model and an actress. You can already check out her immense talents in the must-see horror-comedy Zombeavers.

Babe of the Week: Morgan McLeod

It might just be that she’s the freshest addition to the SpankBank™, but it’s my belief that Morgan McLeod might be the straight hottest piece of ass that’s ever appeared on Survivor. I just couldn’t get enough of those massive breasticles and it surely helped that her face was oh so adorable. But, yeah, so, boobies.

Babe of the Week: Phoebe Tonkin

I have no problem admitting that I watch The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. They’re entertaining shows and, boy oh boy, do they know how to cast beautiful people on the CW. Case in point is the Australian actress and model that plays the half werewolf, half witch Hayley Marshall on The Originals. Her name is Phoebe Tonkin and she’s easily one of the most beautiful things I’ve yet seen on my HDTV.